Sep 26, 2015

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Making Space for a Growing Family

Making Space for a Growing Family

If you have a growing family, or just want a bit more space, then you may be considering a home extension, as this is usually a far more cost-effective exercise than moving to a larger property. They can also add value to your property if you do decide that you want to sell at a later date. If you have decided that a home extension is the road that you are going to go down, then there are several options that are available to you, according to Paul Jacobs who owns a South London loft conversion company – Touchstone Lofts.

Conservatories are popular types of extensions that are usually constructed on the back of properties. They are often used as additional living spaces, and can free up some space in the rest of the property. Conservatories with large windows can allow you to enjoy looking out onto the garden all year round. You should ensure that the conservatory is properly insulated so that the room does not become too cold in the winter months.

If you have room at the side of your home, then this is another location where a home extension can be positioned. This type of extension is commonly used to create more space in rooms such as the kitchen. A larger kitchen is something that would be first on the list of things that people want to improve about their property and an extension on the side of the house can help you to achieve this.

If you do not want any building work to take place on the exterior of your property, then a loft conversion may be the best option for you. Loft conversions can allow you to add another bedroom to your property, and this can significantly raise the value of your property. If you have children who have been sharing a room for a while and now want their own room, then a loft conversion can be used to create the extra space that is needed. It can also be used a guest bedroom.

Whatever option you choose for your home extension, you should ensure that you have received the correct planning permission before any building work begins. If you are unsure of the building regulations that are needed for your extension then you should check with your building company or the local council. It is important to choose a reputable company to carry out any building work at your property, so take the time to find a company that you know you can trust.