Aug 16, 2015

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Relaxing In Style with a Freestanding Bathtub

Relaxing In Style with a Freestanding Bathtub

Home design trends come and go, but one style that has always had a devoted market and is seeing something of a contemporary renaissance in popularity is the classic freestanding bath. Increasingly seen in boutique hotels and discerning households, the freestanding bath offers a touch of class from a bygone era and often in surprisingly modern and foreword thinking designs, along with a very relaxing experience.

The last few decades have seen modular construction at the heart of home building, with houses built to be highly functional and increasingly efficient in the use of space and materials. While commendable in regards to sustainability, when it comes to the bathrooms these formulated plans almost exclusively install the bathtub – for many the centre piece of the washroom – into the corners and sides of the home, built in to the actual structure of the room.

Taking the bold step to install a freestanding bath offers a number of practical and aesthetic advantages over a built in tub; in the first instance showing that the homeowner has taken a real delight in making their bath the centrepiece of the room. Obviously a good sized bathroom is useful to make the most of this feature, and a well installed freestanding bath can give the room a complete spa like atmosphere; a luxurious space and somewhere to take time out and really pamper yourself. Tubs raised on a one step platform give even more class, with the only aspect requiring specific care ensuring that the home’s plumbing is suitable and adaptable to such an installation. It’s also worth remembering that given these freestanding bathtubs are relatively exclusive, often made with lasting, more durable and heavier materials – often not a problem in well-constructed homes, but worth considering if intended to be installed on older or more flimsy floors, so you will need to ask a professional plumbing firm to do the work for you.

Freestanding baths are available in a great range of sizes and styles, from classic tubs to modernistic pools, all with adaptable taps to suit any taste and budget. Although often a little more costly than regular baths, given their bespoke style, and sometimes needing more care and expertise to correctly install, the years of service that a freestanding bath can offer makes the outlay quite relative to the enhancement that this style can offer a contemporary bathroom.

One popular type of freestanding tub is the 2 person freestanding spa bath. As the name suggests, these types of freestanding bathtubs are large enough to fit two people, and are ideal for couples who like to share intimate moments in the bathtub. The 2 person freestanding spa bath comes with all sorts of nifty additional and optional features such as a built-in music player, water jets from the sides and base of the tub, and is offered in a wide choice of materials and designs.

For style, and to really make a statement, a freestanding bathtub is the ultimate considered expression for those who love nothing better than a truly decadent soak, a luxurious addition to any home than can be perfected entirely to the bather’s specification.