Dec 6, 2017

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Do You Only Want A Cheap Divan Base?

Do You Only Want A Cheap Divan Base?

It can be tricky when you are trying to choose the best type of bed base to invest in.  There is a wide range of choice nowadays, and this can sometimes make it very overwhelming.  However, if you have decided that you only want a cheap divan base, it may still be worth weighing up the differences between this style of bed and a more traditional slatted bed base.  It doesn’t hurt to compare and contrast, and at any rate, it may just reaffirm why you feel a divan base is best for you.

Mattress Freshness

While divan bed bases offer many advantages, there is one major disadvantage that should always be taken into consideration.  That is in relation to mattress freshness.  Unlike a slatted base that provides adequate amount of ventilation and air circulation underneath the mattress, a divan doesn’t.  This is important to think about as it ell help to keep your mattress fresh and cool, if you live in a particularly warm climate or summer months are known to be hot.  You could reason though, if heat is not a big issue or you live in a colder climate, that a divan base will be perfectly fine.

Additional Bedroom Space

Although it may not look like it, cheap divan bases tend to be smaller than most standard bed frames.  It could be that one of the reasons you only want cheap divan base and its not hard to see why.  The smaller dimensions and the fact that many divan bases come with built-in storage drawers, enables you to have a bed in a small room and free up floor space that might be otherwise taken up by cupboards or chests of drawers.

You Can Customise Your Divan

With traditional bedsteads, their design and style tends to dictate the style and decor of your bedroom; or you have to choose a specific look to fit in with the rest of your bedroom furniture and its colour scheme.  With most divan bases you don’t usually have this problem and can customise the type of headboard and other things, far easier than with a bedstead.

Different Bases Are Better For Different Mattresses

Another important consideration you should take on board if you only want a cheap divan base, is the fact that the bed base you choose can affect mattress you choose and its lifespan.  For instance there are some mattresses that are suitable only for slatted bedsteads or divans.  Even with mattresses that can be used with either, their lifespan might be greatly reduced if used with a base that is not particularly suitable.


The durability of a bed base is an obvious concern that should be factored into the buying decision.  There may be a lot of wisdom in only wanting a divan base though, as slatted bases are more likely to suffer damage from slat breakage caused by jumping/bouncing on the bed or excessive weight.  While on the other hand, a divan base is better able to absorb weight and redistribute it, making it more durable overall.