Oct 23, 2015

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The Wonder of Heating With Wood

The Wonder of Heating With Wood

Even if you don’t live in one of the colder countries a wood stove is a practical idea. If you lost your power for an extended time, besides heating your home you could cook your food and warm your bath water.

If your home has a fireplace you can get a wood stove insert that will greatly increase the heating of your home and give you a place to cook and heat up water. The best type of wood stove would be those that have a flat hot surface that can be used for heating up food or water.

Antique wood burning stoves are really popular because they provide heat and an oven for cooking. You can still buy new wood cooking stoves that provide these necessaries.

You won’t be afraid in power outages anymore. With the current economic problems and increased worldwide disasters it would be wise to invest in a wood burning stove. Pellet stoves are popular but they still need electrically to run and require special pellets. You are much better off having something you can depend on in any disaster.

Cast iron is the metal most used in wood stoves since a stove made out of steel will burn away over several years. Always consider safely when using a wood stove. Smoke detectors are always a must and keeping combustibles away from your stove is common sense.

Wood stovepipes should be cleaned every year and metal placed around the pipe that comes out of your roof. Metal roofs are best but not always affordable. Just make sure you have the precautions in place in case you have a chimney fire.

Some use a wood furnace only as a back up in case their other heat source fails. If your wood stove is used only for back up be sure to keep at least a 2-month supply of wood and have you chimney pipes cleaned every fall.