Dec 20, 2013

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5 Bizarre Vaping Facts No One Is Talking About

5 Bizarre Vaping Facts No One Is Talking About

Many experienced vapers can attest to the fact that vaping has changed their lives for the better. Not only has it provided a healthy method to quit smoking, it has given them a culture and a community they can be proud of. Many vapers are not only passionate about their devices, but also about the advances being made across the industry as a whole. Here are a few points of interest every real vaper should know.

1. E-cigarettes were first commercialised in China

2003 is a very significant year in the vaping industry. It’s the year when e-cigarettes were first officially patented. The story goes that a pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik had lost his father to lung cancer. He consequently become inspired to research and find healthier alternatives to smoking tobacco based cigarettes. As a smoker himself he made it is his mission and eventually launched his own company to produce and market the electronic cigarette phenomenon. it his mission to establish vaping.

2. Vapour is not Smoke

It’s a rather ironic fact that Hon Lik named his new e-cigarette company Ruyan which translated from Chinese means ‘like smoke’. Obviously the vapour produced by e-cigarettes is nowhere near the composition of traditional cigarette smoke.

3. Hang on, E-cigarettes have been around since the sixties

Very few people know that even though Hon Lik has been instrumental in helping e-cigarettes reach global acceptance commercially, he was not the actual pioneer of the technology used in e-cigs today. Way back in 1963 an American by the name of Herbert Gilbert designed as well as patented his own idea of an electronic cigarette. His basic concept used a liquid form of liquid which was heated to create vapour instead of smoke. These days you can buy and vape e-juices which contain no trace of nicotine at all. Even though Gilbert’s device did not achieve mainstream popularity the way Hon Lik’s did, we should still give him equal credit as an innovator.

4. There’s a lot of e-juice flowing in the world

E-liquids are the bread and butter of vaping. Without them vaping is not possible. The sheer volume of the variety of e-liquid flavours available for vapers to enjoy is ismply impressive. And you don’t have to be an e-cigarette manufacturer to get into the e-juice game. Many vapers experiment and mix up their own e-juice flavours, and many more have turned it into a respectable business. You can mix flavours to create an unlimited number of tastes and experiences. Flavours range from sweet and fruity to salty and spicy, each catering to the subjective tastes of vapers all over the world. And since vaping is here to stay, you can be sure the number of e-liquid producers will grow to meet the increasing demands for unique and tasteful e-juices.

5. And there’s a whole lot more vapers than you think

The vast majority of people who use vaping kits are ex-smokers and vaping can do no wrong as it continues to gain popularity. Statistics taken during 2014 already revealed the number of people who have started vaping to reach approximately 9 million. This trend will no doubt continue as more and more people embrace vaping on a daily basis.