Oct 23, 2015

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The Bio Pool: Ecological, Natural Swimming Pools

The Bio Pool: Ecological, Natural Swimming Pools

Bio pools or ecological swimming pools are a zero chemical option that is a natural hybrid between a pond and a swimming pool.

There’s an intriguing concept out there in the land of recreation, and it fuses the decorative pond with the fun of the swimming pool. It’s called the ecological swimming pool or the bio pool, and it harkens back to the old water hole or pond where the kids of long ago used to swim.

The Ecological Impact of Swimming Pools

Swimming pools require a lot of energy and a lot of chemicals. Chlorine is added to swimming pools because it kills off bacteria. Pumping, filtering and heating the water in a swimming pool can use a lot of energy, especially if you do not use options like pool covers and solar heating. The Consumer Energy Commission has stated that the energy used in a typical home pool during the summer could power an entire home for three months. Swimming in a backyard pool is a wonderful summer pastime, but it does come with ecological costs.

What Does a Natural Swimming Pool Look Like?

In many ways, an ecological or natural swimming pool looks like a pond, unlike a traditional home pool which will be concreted that is tiled or painted with a special paint for swimming pools. It is a pond that is particularly balanced and clean, and it is a pond where you can swim. If your family enjoys the look of a pond in the yard and has enough space for a pool, it is logical to combine the two in one natural pond swimming structure. These pools can look as pool-like or as pond-like as you wish. Often they can contain marsh plants, but they can also exist in a structure that looks a lot like a traditional pool. Think of the natural swimming pool as a constructed swimming hole.

Why Bio Pools? Advantages of Ecological Swimming Pools

Why would you decide to have an ecological, natural swimming pool rather than a clear blue, chemical pool? An ecological bio-pool has a lot of advantages over the conventional swimming pool.

Like a pond, it can attract wildlife. Swim with dragonflies and birds around you. You can even integrate a water garden and the pool if you wish. A natural swimming pool is designed to be an ecosystem. It combines a biological filter of plants with a swimming environment. This means that it does not require chemicals and it does not require a lot of maintenance. A natural pond pool is not heated. It warms up in the sun and reduces heating costs.

Creating a swimming pool that runs without heat or chemicals might seem like it is for the die-hard environmentalist. However, this chemical-free trend towards the natural swimming pool has become very popular in Europe, and it is beginning to become more popular in North America.